[App_rpt-users] My D945 Build not going so well

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Thu Jul 2 08:52:15 EDT 2009

Help ??

I am working on a TEST D945 build also. The instructions imply some 
scripts are going to run after first boot. I do not seem to have any 
asterisk related files in the test build I downloaded and installed.

I used the  file 

I used instructions here to build

Specifically none of thi happened...

I am assuming I need to download and build the allstar files ?? the 
directions speak nothing of this that I found.. but maybe I am doing 
something wrong?? The D945 box boots to a root login prompt and stops 
there. After searching around inside I see no install or config 
scripts to fetch the needed files..

I am guessing I need to wget these files????

Any input would be helpful to me ....

The CF build is fine and the files copied were 131 or so mb... but 
looks like just the Limey Linux OS build with no AllStar files..


At 08:58 PM 7/1/2009, you wrote:
>OK, I think it worked but won't be able to try and boot till tonight. It did
>make teh CF and is a bit over 121MB total.
>To make it work, I nuked the sudo -E parts and had to make a link 
>from mkdosfs
>to be mkfs.msdos. This one also choked on grep, and my way was to download
>the file to my web server and get it from there. Had to do same for
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