[App_rpt-users] 8168 driver

Stephen Rodgers sales at qrvc.com
Fri Jul 3 16:42:19 EDT 2009

George Csahanin wrote:
> Was there a change in the linux source that has a better R8168 driver? I only found the driver for 8169, but it seems to run the adapter now in the D945 board. 
> GeorgeC
> W2DB
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The original d945 test version may have used the kernel, that
original version has since been removed from limeylinux.org. I released
initial d945 support in 11/30/2008, the newer kernel
was released on 12/31/08, but a newer d945 test5 image was not uploaded
until recently.

The latest version of the Makefile for test5 just downloads the pristine
kernel sources and compiles it. but you can check yourself by
looking in the public SVN repository for changes to the driver file:



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