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Dale J. Robertson dale at nap.us.com
Sat Jul 4 18:27:53 EDT 2009

Re: makeinfo
the first time this happened I did exactly as you described. I invoked
the makeinfo command and installed the package specified in the error
(Texinfo). Now when I invoke makeinfo from the command line i get a
'parameter missing' error as I would expect. However, the build script
still tells me that I have no makeinfo!
And yes I know that cpp is the preprocessor and has nothing to do with
C++. I also know that it exists on the LL box.
As far as compiling the app directly on the LL box:
What appears to be the root cause of the configuration failure is the
absence of a kernel limits.h file.
 when I remark out the "# include <linux/limits.h>" line in the file
/usr/include/bits/local_lim.h  the ./configuration command completes
without errors.
Running a make nets a couple of  'unused variable' warnings before
bailing out with 6 'dereferencing pointer to incomplete type' errors.
my assumption is that the type is defined in the missing file.
Dale NV8U

Stephen Rodgers wrote:
> Dale J. Robertson wrote:
>> No Joy,
>> ./configure bails out with;
>> checking how to run the C preprocessor... /lib/cpp
>> configure: error: C preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check
>> See `config.log' for more details.
>> seems like it is looking for /lib/cpp and it just isn't there.
>> to add insult to injury, it seems like Ubuntu 9.04 won't build Limey
>> Linux either.
>> I decided to try a build without changes just to see. the build script
>> can not find or run 'makeinfo'
>> 73
>> Dale NV8U
>> Stephen Rodgers wrote:
>>> Dale J. Robertson wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I would like to use socat on my LL box as a remote virtual com port
>>>> for a windows application controlling my Kenwood TS2K (in addition to
>>>> iax-rpt). The pre-built CF image does not appear to include the socat
>>>> binaries.
>>>> Do I just edit the socat line in the d201gly2-buildroot.config file
>>>> (despite the do not edit warning)
>>>> to include it in a new image build?
>>>> Also, the readme file makes reference to a PACKAGES file that
>>>> includes all the packages in a build. I have been unable to locate
>>>> this file.
>>>> 73
>>>> Dale NV8U
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>>> May I suggest an alternate plan of attack?
>>> Limey linux has a C compiler built in. As long as ./configure passes for
>>> socat, then you can compile it on the target machine, and install it in
>>> /usr/local/sbin or /usr/local/bin. Do a svcfg to save the contents of
>>> /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin so it comes back across power cycles.
>>> This will not work if your package requires things like perl, c++, tcl,
>>> or python. There is only bare-bones development abilities available
>>> (just enough to install Asterisk and Zaptel).
>>> Steve
>>> WA6ZFT
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> CPP has nothing to do with C++ and everything to do with the C
> preprocessor. Did you take a look at the config.log as it asked? You
> might be able to tweak the configure script to avoid this error.
> BTW: I'm using ubuntu 8.10 to do all the development work, but Ubuntu
> 9.04 is probably OK as well (never tested it though).  Makeinfo is a
> package you need to install. Type it at the CLI and ubuntu might tell
> you how to install it. There will be other packages you will probably
> find out you need as well.
> Steve
> Steve

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