[App_rpt-users] CM108 modification

Eagle Link Customer Service services at eaglelink.net
Thu Jul 9 10:42:33 EDT 2009

Ok, I didn't think to look at the bottom for notes.  My next dumb question, 
for the COS, what is it triggered by?  Looking at the diode, keep in mind 
I'm no expert at electronics, I would think it's triggered by ground. 
Ground goes on the cathode side right?  But testing the connections on my 
adapter from dealextreme, it has volume buttons, it connects that pin to 
aprox 3.3v.  Is this I/O pin capable of either one?  Or am I just really 
that confused?  On my radio I hace ground output for COS or aprox. +5v for 
CTCSS.  I'd rather use the COS if the software can decode and encode the 
CTCSS for me.

Also, does the software support multiple CTCSS tones like a community tone 
panel?  Could I maybe configure multiple nodes (with different tones) and 
set them to the same usb device?  It would be useful for giving groups their 
own tone, then if I had a problem I could disable that group.


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