[App_rpt-users] CM108 modification

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Thu Jul 9 16:23:12 EDT 2009

According to the docs...if you are using discriminator you do not 
need to hook up COR.. if you DO want to use COR...it requires a pull 
to ground as you noted.. by default. The pull can either be COR or 
NOT COR ..I think it was a command in the usb dongle configs.

I would let the dsp do the work... you only need the discriminator 
audio that way..

The notes look like it can handle more than one tone... but that is a 
question I am curious about too.... Especially if the tone used can 
cause a routing change on the internet..like the tone can trigger an 
automatic route selection.


At 10:42 AM 7/9/2009, Eagle Link Customer Service wrote:
>Ok, I didn't think to look at the bottom for notes.  My next dumb question,
>for the COS, what is it triggered by?  Looking at the diode, keep in mind
>I'm no expert at electronics, I would think it's triggered by ground.
>Ground goes on the cathode side right?  But testing the connections on my
>adapter from dealextreme, it has volume buttons, it connects that pin to
>aprox 3.3v.  Is this I/O pin capable of either one?  Or am I just really
>that confused?  On my radio I hace ground output for COS or aprox. +5v for
>CTCSS.  I'd rather use the COS if the software can decode and encode the
>CTCSS for me.
>Also, does the software support multiple CTCSS tones like a community tone
>panel?  Could I maybe configure multiple nodes (with different tones) and
>set them to the same usb device?  It would be useful for giving groups their
>own tone, then if I had a problem I could disable that group.
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