[App_rpt-users] No TX DTMF on iaxrpt

Bruce Forestal wb6are at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 22:43:32 EDT 2009

I've been working with iaxrpt on a laptop running Win2K and a Mac  
running Fusion/Win2k.  I've got TX/RX audio and PTT working on both  
but I can't seem to get the DTMF to pass over the network to the  
Asterisk node.  I can hear the DTMF tones coming out the local laptop  
speaker.  I am using the alt-number keys to generate DTMF.  Also the  
DTMF keypad does not generate tones although I can see the text appear  
below the pad so I know at least clicking the pad keys with the mouse  
is working.

Bruce Forestal
wb6are at gmail.com

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