[App_rpt-users] App_rpt-users Digest, Vol 5, Issue 7

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Thu Jul 9 23:06:44 EDT 2009

That would be another great use for the tones, choosing which remote node
you would want to connect to.

How well does the DSP cut out squelch tails?  If I wanted to use the COR
I supposed it would be just as easy to use a transistor to get the
ground.  Should I be worried about someone accidentally hitting that
volume down button and sending 3.3v back to the radio?

I don't know if there will be a difference, but this time I am making
all of the circuits external.  I'm using a little radio shack project
board instead of trying to cram it all in the usb housing.  I left the
audio output jack on the board for monitoring/testing, but I removed the
mic connector to route the wires through that hole.  The usb adapter I
got from dealextreme had surface mount jacks, so it was really easy to
remove and solder wires to.


> According to the docs...if you are using discriminator you do not
> need to hook up COR.. if you DO want to use COR...it requires a pull
> to ground as you noted.. by default. The pull can either be COR or
> NOT COR ..I think it was a command in the usb dongle configs.
> I would let the dsp do the work... you only need the discriminator
> audio that way..
> The notes look like it can handle more than one tone... but that is a
> question I am curious about too.... Especially if the tone used can
> cause a routing change on the internet..like the tone can trigger an
> automatic route selection.
> Doug
> KD8B

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