[App_rpt-users] No TX DTMF on iaxrpt

Stephen Rodgers sales at qrvc.com
Thu Jul 9 23:15:01 EDT 2009

Bruce Forestal wrote:
> I've been working with iaxrpt on a laptop running Win2K and a Mac  
> running Fusion/Win2k.  I've got TX/RX audio and PTT working on both  
> but I can't seem to get the DTMF to pass over the network to the  
> Asterisk node.  I can hear the DTMF tones coming out the local laptop  
> speaker.  I am using the alt-number keys to generate DTMF.  Also the  
> DTMF keypad does not generate tones although I can see the text appear  
> below the pad so I know at least clicking the pad keys with the mouse  
> is working.
> Thanks,
> Bruce Forestal
> wb6are at gmail.com
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What do you mean by "pass DTMF"? Ley me meak a (rash) assumption that
you want the tones to come out of the transmit port.

The keys in iaxrpt do not send any DTMF over the Internet connection,
instead, it sends out of band commands representing the dtmf digits.
app_rpt does not normally convert these into back dtmf tones when it
receives them from iaxrpt, instead it trys to make sense of what was
sent to see if a valid command can be parsed.

That is not to say that that the out of band commands cannot be
re-converted back into DTMF in app_rpt, but you have to tell it
explicitly to do that.

If you are interfacing app_rpt to a multiport analog repeater controller
used in an RF linked system, you probably want to experiment with the
following settings in the node stanza.

duplex = 0                  ; No duplex, no response
propagate_dtmf = yes        ; Propagate non-function DTMFdigits
linktolink = yes

inxlat = #56,#57,0123456789ABCD         ; string xlat radio port to sys
outxlat = *7,*0,0123456789#ABCD         ; string xlat from link to sys

All of these with the exception of propagate_dtmf are documented at

propagate_dtmf sounds like what you need to enable, but it probably
won't work as you want it to without the other settings as well.


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