[App_rpt-users] CM108 modification

Eagle Link Customer Service services at eaglelink.net
Fri Jul 10 18:56:42 EDT 2009

Ok, now I feel stupid, lol.  After looking at the board a little more I 
realized it was a simple mistake I made.  In the pdf file it shows the RX 
Audio wire going to the mic connector soldered to the center pin closest to 
the edge of the board.  On the adapter I have, because it's all surface 
mount, there is a connection on both sides of the connector, so I soldered 
to the outside one like the picture showed.  Unfortunately, there's really 
no connection there, it's just a solder pad to hold down that side of the 
connector.  So after resoldering the wire to the inside middle connection 
all seems to be well.


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