[App_rpt-users] Latest Version of ACID

Stephen Rodgers sales at qrvc.com
Fri Jul 17 21:36:22 EDT 2009

Stu2 wrote:
> Where is the latest version of ACID?
> I found the download at: http://app-rpt.qrvc.com/node/5
> But the image doesn't boot. When I look around on the disk, it appears 
> to be based on Centos 5.1. However, scanning around on the web site for 
> install instructions, I see references to 5.2 and 5.3. So I think I'm 
> looking in the wrong area.
> Thanks
> Stu
> W7IY
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The link you have is correct, and that points to the latest version.

I just tried that image on my test machine and it booted OK and stared
the install process. What specifically does it do wrong during the boot?
In other words, where does it fail?

If fails on initial boot, you could have a bad image. The md5sum should be:

9e77f0af29e67cc622fc6275c37d5082  allstar_link_centos_51.iso

You might also try a different machine if the md5sum is OK.

Is your BIOS set up to boot from CD first?


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