[App_rpt-users] radio tune

Eagle Link Customer Service services at eaglelink.net
Sun Jul 19 18:49:50 EDT 2009

Ok, I'm having sme trouble tuning the rxnoise, but I think I know why.  I'm 
using a Motoroa Radius setup, and although the accessory pin output is 
discriminator, It is muted with the squelch on the radio.  Does anybdy know 
a way around this?  Is there a way to keep that pin from being muted?  The 
ther option, which I can't seem to find info on, is simply using the cor 
pin.  How would I go about configuring a node for COR.  And my last dumb 
question...  For the moment I'm trying to set this up without alstarlink. 
How should I set this up so it's not trying to connect to allstarink?  Ok, 
now for the background of the setup because I know people are going to ask. 
I'm using the ACID install with a modified CM108 USB device.  I hooked the 
device up to a Windows PC to test the audio.  I could indeed hear (by 
raising the MIC volume all the way up) audio from the radio, but no noise 
when there is no transmission.  That's how I know it's muted with the 
squelch on the radio.  I could also play a sund clip I recorded over the 
radio if I held the PTT key on the mic.  So I know the audio is all working. 
And in asterisk CLI I did "radio tune txvoice" and the radio keyed up 
perfectly fine and transmitted the tone.  So all I have left is to figure 
out how to get the raw unsquelched noise, or use the COR line from the 
radio.  As for the radio, if there are any motorola peple here, I d have the 
software and a home made cable that works.  So I have gone into the 
accessory config and changed the pin setup to fit my needs.  Figured I'd 
throw that in before anybody asks.  If you get a used radiio you never know 
what the last person did with the config.


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