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Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Tue Jul 21 19:12:49 EDT 2009


> Ok, I'm having sme trouble tuning the rxnoise, but I think I know why.  I'm 
> using a Motoroa Radius setup, and although the accessory pin output is 
> discriminator, It is muted with the squelch on the radio.  Does anybdy know 
> a way around this?  Is there a way to keep that pin from being muted?  
I would think you can set the squelch open all the time in the RSS 
tuning procedures..

> The other option, which I can't seem to find info on, is simply using the cor 
> pin.  How would I go about configuring a node for COR.  
And my last dumb question... For the moment I'm trying to set this up 
without alstarlink.
How should I set this up so it's not trying to connect to allstarink?

Put a semicolon in front of the registration line in the iax.conf file.. 
it will stop trying..

Ok, now for the background of the setup because I know people are going 
to ask.
> I'm using the ACID install with a modified CM108 USB device.  I hooked the 
> device up to a Windows PC to test the audio.  I could indeed hear (by 
> raising the MIC volume all the way up) audio from the radio, but no noise 
> when there is no transmission.  That's how I know it's muted with the 
> squelch on the radio.  I could also play a sund clip I recorded over the 
> radio if I held the PTT key on the mic.  So I know the audio is all working. 
> And in asterisk CLI I did "radio tune txvoice" and the radio keyed up 
> perfectly fine and transmitted the tone.  So all I have left is to figure 
> out how to get the raw unsquelched noise, or use the COR line from the 
> radio.  As for the radio, if there are any motorola peple here, I d have the 
> software and a home made cable that works.  So I have gone into the 
> accessory config and changed the pin setup to fit my needs.  Figured I'd 
> throw that in before anybody asks.  If you get a used radiio you never know 
> what the last person did with the config.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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