[App_rpt-users] Update app_rpt?

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I asked a question and then answered it myself, once again.  Although there 
is no documentation in the Knowledge Base that I could find, if you click on 
Developers on app-rpt.qrvc.com it will help with updating the app-rpt 
module.  For anyone else running ACID, here's the steps I tool.

/root/acid/astdn.sh (Make sure asterisk is stopped)
cd /usr/src/asterisk/apps
mv app_rpt.c app_rpt.c.original (or some other name, just back it up incase 
something goes wrong)
svn export 
cd ..
make install
/root/acid/astup.sh (Start asterisk again)

Perhaps someone could put this into a script for updating.  I would not know 
exactly how to do that because you would have to somehow make sure the 
"make" command went well bebfore doing "make install".  That's beyond me 
right now.


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> This might be what you're looking for:
> http://app-rpt.qrvc.com/node/74
> looks like in /root/acid there should be a script called astupd.sh
> Jim, K6JWN
> On Jul 30, 2009, at 10:13 AM, Eagle Link Customer Service wrote:
>> Is it possible to update the app_rpt in ACID?  When I dial the *82  it 
>> tells
>> me the version is 0.174 and I'd like to have 0.183 or later for the 
>> cop,48
>> feature.  If it's possible, how would I go about doing this?
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff
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