[App_rpt-users] Update app_rpt?

Stephen - K1LNX k1lnx at k1lnx.net
Thu Jul 30 19:55:07 EDT 2009

I love scripts, and I just so happened to be sitting here working on
my own, so good timing lol:

# script to update to latest app_rpt.c file from SVN repository

# let's stop asterisk first

cd /usr/src/asterisk/apps
mv app_rpt.c app_rpt.c.original
svn export
cd ..

# let's compile and if it fails notify me
if [ $? -gt 0 ]
	echo "Failure: Unable to compile app_rpt.c!"
	exit 255
make install

# restart asterisk

I don't have an ACID install to test this on (I use Debian), and this
was quick and dirty based on what you listed below, so if you try and
it breaks you get to keep both pieces :D

On another note, I finally got around to updating my scripts for
installing app_rpt under Debian Lenny (it's been on my to do list
since Lenny was released, yea I know :P):


This will build a fully functioning app_rpt system from the latest SVN
sources at QRVC.


Stephen Brown - ARS K1LNX
Johnson City, TN EM86
google voice: 423-665-9367

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