[App_rpt-users] Custom Sound Files

Eagle Link Customer Service services at eaglelink.net
Thu Jul 30 23:41:12 EDT 2009

Here's a challenge for the people who know the programming.  I'm trying to 
figure out how to make the repeater play a sound file when enableing or 
disableing things.  Right now it just says the letters one at a time, like 
RPTENA or TOTENA/TOTDIS.  I would like it to be able to play a custom sound 
file (if it exists) in the sounds/rpt directory.  I tried playing around 
with the source code a bit to make this happen for the last 3 hours, but I 
failed.  Surprisingly I didn't run into many errors compiling (I did fix the 
ones I got), but I just couldn't get it to play anything.  Any ideas?


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