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From: Matt Beasant <g4rky at yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 2009/3/30
Subject: Re: [App_rpt-users] Replacing an IRLP node with App-rpt node
To: "Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV)" <Ramesh at va3uv.com>
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Hi there Ramesh and thanks for the reply.
Yes, been a bit busy here - the financial year ends here on 5th April and so
its panic time to try and get all the sites on the air!

Thanks for all the info in your email - I'm still a little unsure of a
couple of things so please bear with me ....

I can edit the crontab as you suggest but how do I control App_rpt from the
crontab? What do I put as the command line to make Asterisk play out the
file? I assume I have to use root's crontab?

In your dialplan example, I see the extension referred to is 96 - is that
the DTMF code I dial to activate that script or do I need to put something
in rpt.conf to call to the dialplan?

You say you can call the playback command from the cron and / or the
dialplan - how does one do this and what DTMF code or other trigger can be
used to call the playback command?

Thanks again for your help Ramesh and sorry for the (still) noob questions!
Still trying to get my head around how app_rpt and Asterisk stitch together!

Cheers and hope to speak soon.


2009/3/30 Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) <Ramesh at va3uv.com>

Hi Matt;
> Haven't heard from you in a while! - see my response below...
> Cheers,
> Ramesh.
> Matt Beasant wrote:
> > 1, I had a script that unlocked the controller at a set time every day
> > and set the time using DTMF - now I know that ap-rpt cant generate DTMF
> > (yet) but I could use WAV files as the digits will always be the same
> > and the time the script gets called will always be the same.
> >
> > So my first question is, how do you call an external shell script from
> > within app_rpt? Perhaps from the scheduler available in rpt.conf or some
> > other method of calling a script at a set time, maybe from a cron
> > somewhere?
> <-- You can simply add a cron entry into root's crons (crontab -e will
> get you into edit mode, add a new cron entry, which you can then play
> out your pre-recorded DTMF file; note that the file must be a ulaw file.
>  This is probably the easiest method.  I have used this to play out an
> ID announcement - very simple and effective.
> FYI, you can also call a script from the dialplan as follows:
> exten => 96,n,System(/scripts/name_of_script)
> [Credit to Don, W9DRR for showing me this some time back].  This example
> requires your script to be in the /etc/asterisk/scripts folder - but you
> can specify any path as appropriate.
> > 2, I used to have the popular "playnews" package running on the IRLP
> > node, which downloaded certain news files and played them out
> > at pre-set time. I use these scripts to play out the GB2RS news files
> > through my repeater every week.
> >
> > I have tried to replicate how this was done on the IRLP node but am
> > having difficulty automating this process. I have used the Asterisk
> > command line invoked "playback" command which works but I'm not happy
> > with the audio quality and I had to manually trigger the playback from
> > the CLI.
> <-- As above, the file needs to be in ulaw format... not sure what
> format you're using.  I use Cepstral to build a ulaw audio file from a
> WX text file, then play the ulaw file from the dialplan, the audio
> quality is great!
> You could try using sox to convert your (possibly) non-ulaw file to ulaw.
> >
> > So next I tried the WAVPLAY program that seems to be used to play out
> > IRLP node announcements and the quality was great but I kept getting
> > node timeouts from the IRLP software ( I guess ) as my APP-RPT node has
> > no timeout.
> <-- Sounds like the file is indeed a wav file - try using sox to convert
> it to a ulaw file and try using rpt's localplay function.  FYI, man sox
> will provide you with the info on sox.
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