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Im not sure what the problem is, but I *HAD* to say

domo arigato, mr. robato


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Are you using a Dell system by chance? I had this very same issue on a Dell server that I was originally running it on, I have since moved on to an embedded system and the problem went away...

I put some notes up here concerning this: http://www.k1lnx.net/wiki/index.php/App_RPT/TIARA

Never did figure out what the deal was, but when I moved to the embedded system it worked with the stock kernel. 

Hope that helps... 73

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 11:12 AM, Don Russell <w9drr at live.com> wrote:

I hadn't played in that area of the kernel config in a really long time.
I try and keep that stuff set to defaults. The only thing I changed
was the processor type to xeon. There are so many options in there!

The internal timer was set to 250hz.. recompiling now. I will stop by the tower site
this evening and try it out. I bet that will fix it.


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> I had that same issue with a 2.6.26 debian kernel. Zaptel needs a 1 kHz internal timing source (2.6 kernels have one built in) but some distros (debian and, apparently, gentoo, too) come set at a lower freq by default. Assuming this is the issue, and it sounds like it is, you'll have to recompile your kernel with the 1 kHz setting. In the kernel source's menuconfig the setting is under processor type and features.

> Good luck!
> Jamison KI6VCE
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