[App_rpt-users] wider bandwidth for audio

Don Russell w9drr at live.com
Mon May 4 17:03:36 EDT 2009

I have been doing some local experimentation with some digital modes
like DRM, psk250, MFSK32, ..etc The only issue is there is not enough
bandwidth through asterisk to pass them so we are using another repeater.
I hate not being able to use mine as it has way more coverage. 

I am wondering if there is anyway to get the local repeat audio
to bypass any processing by asterisk and simply go straight through
the fob. I am currently using the COR line to trigger the USB.

If not, I am thinking of just taking the COR signal from the rx to pull in a relay
that will bridge the rx audio to the tx, and key the tx. I will still leave the COR, rx audio, tx audio, and ptt
still wired to the fob so it gets all the signals it needs. set duplex=1 so it app_rpt doesn't repeat, yet still sends the Courtesy tone. 
That should bypass the fob for local audio, yet still allow it to send ID's, link audio, telemetry...etc

What do you guys think? Anyone try anything close to this? Or did you just use a simple hardware controller
w/ an IRLP/echolink port?


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