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Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Sat May 16 21:46:55 EDT 2009

I have attempted to duplicate both of your reports. I am running the latest
from SVN (that Steve posted today) and could connect to exp0016 without
any problems and also 9453.

I have no idea???

Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 20:28:16 -0400
From: jrorke at cogeco.ca
To: app_rpt-users at qrvc.com
Subject: [App_rpt-users] [Fwd: Re Chan_IRLP 025]


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Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 20:23:33 -0400
From: jrorke at cogeco.ca
To: app-rpt at qrvc.com
Subject: Re Chan_IRLP 025

Hi Guys, been testing App_rpt 0.179 Beta and Chan_IRLP 0.25 Beta on node 
So far the audio seems to be fairly stable so far.
A couple of things observed.
1) I can't seem to connect to IRLP reflector 9453. I get connection fail 
unless I key up between the IRLP announcement and
The Asterisk announcements. If I key up then I get a successful connection.
Now the weird part, I can connect to IRLP 9454 and 9452 with out having 
to key up. It only seems to be 9453 that I have this trouble.
I have tried this on node 2182 as well with the same symptom.
I am told that when IRLP connects to a reflector that a key pulse is 
supposed to be sent on one of the 1542X ports and it seems that
it does not get sent or it takes too long to do it unless I key it 
manually with my radio.
I don't seem to be having the same problem on other IRLP reflectors.
2) I can connect to EXP reflector 0040 ok but I am having trouble on EXP 
Now EXP node 0016 is set up to feed Newsline. What seems to be happening 
is the 0016 node wants to connect using
ADPCM full duplex, my node doesn't like it so it picks GSM as fallback 
codec but most of the time I just get "GSM data Error messages on the 
I did see that Steve has a newer versions of App_Rpt_C and ChanIRLP.
But I thought that this might be some good feed back.
node 2249
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