[App_rpt-users] Deviation settings for narrow band

Mark Hergesheimer mark at hergesheimer.com
Tue May 19 13:34:27 EDT 2009

I'm using a 12.5 KHz narrow band system with 2.5 KHz of deviation so when
setting up the URI,  I referred to Steve's post "Adjusting Audio Levels"
using the URI. I also made the assumption that if a 1 KHZ tone set to 3 KHz
of deviation was correct for a 5KHz system then 1.5KHz would be correct for
my 2.5KHz system. So I set rxvoice to 1.5KHz and rxtone to .6KHz then with
txtone set to 0, I set txvoice to 1.5KHz and txtone to .6KHz.  However when
this was complete I had low audio through the repeater and only 1.85KHz of
dev out. So I went back with the service monitor in duplex mode and adjusted
the txvoice up until I got my 2.5KHZ out and the repeater sounds very good
as a standalone.


I have 2 questions and a comment,  first, what are the correct numbers for
setting up a 2.5KHz system using the URI's? and why?

Second, What would the best way to add a 5KHz node and keep the levels even
across the system?

Comment: We recorded some voice announcements for repeater ID through our
Asterisk phone system at work to produce the wav files and the audio is
really great, as a matter of fact I'm very impressed with this whole app_rpt
deal !!!  Thanks




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