[App_rpt-users] re debugging chan_IRLP

RED BUTTON MOBILE jrorke at cogeco.ca
Tue May 26 07:10:17 EDT 2009

I have noticed something similar. It seems to start with the cw id being 
sent but it repeats the id over and over and eventually the audio from 
IRLP begins to chop.
saw this on Chan_IRLP 024,025 and 026 and app_rpt 0179,0181.

At liest I noticed it until I my IRLP node got banned! Doh!


> are there any cli commands to enable extra debugging for chan_irlp?  I 
> have recently noticed while connected to an irlp station that after x 
> amount of time (varies), something happens that causes asterisk to 
> crash.  I normally notice this behavior while someone is talking, 
> their voice stream will be fine, then start to chop up and then 
> silence (crash).
> So far, I have noticed this behavior on IRLP 9456 (UNCOMP).  I am 
> running Limey Linux (1.0.7?) on the i3386.  I will leave it dialed up 
> over night to an ADPCM station to see if the problem persists there as 
> well.
> Jim
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> Jim Nessen K6JWN
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