[App_rpt-users] Deviation settings for narrow band

Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) Ramesh at va3uv.com
Fri May 29 10:16:32 EDT 2009

Mark Hergesheimer wrote:
> Steve,
> With the testing I did last weekend my guess is that the target for the
> 2.5KHz node is going to be somewhere between 2.0 and 2.5 KHz
> I'd be very happy to do some testing but it may have to wait untill the
> weekend.
> I'll post the results here. Also, is there a built in command that will put
> the repeater in CSQ mode and turn off CTCSS decode and encode? 
<-- Hi Mark;  I'm helping Doug, GM7SVK, with setting up his audio 
levels.  We need to set his node for a max deviation of 2.5kHz.  I 
wonder if you were able to finalize the calibration levels for rxvoice 
and txvoice?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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