[App_rpt-users] Deviation settings for narrow band

Mark Hergesheimer mark at hergesheimer.com
Fri May 29 13:33:28 EDT 2009


After working with both wide and narrow radios last weekend we concluded
that using 1.5 dev for narrow band setup on both Rx and Tx appears to be
about right with 300 Hz of PL.  HOWEVER, I was not able to finish a node to
node comparison through the network and I still want to do this. We ended up
spending a lot of time chasing the noted dsp squelch problem.

We mixed wide and narrow receivers and transmitters through the same URI for
testing. Starting with a 2.5 Tx and a narrow Rx we put in 1.5 and got out
1.4 and with a wide Rx we put in 3.0 and got out 1.4.
Next we used a 5.0 wide TX and with a narrow Rx, we put in 1.5 and got out
2.9 and with a wide Rx we put in 3.0 and got out 2.9.

I know, it's clear as mud.  I will set up 2 complete repeaters in the rack
at home and link them for the final test. For reference these are Motorola
Nucleus paging transmitters with Maxtrac receivers (both wide and narrow
band) in the 900 band. www.ham-radio.com/kd6wly


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Mark Hergesheimer wrote:
> Steve,
> With the testing I did last weekend my guess is that the target for the
> 2.5KHz node is going to be somewhere between 2.0 and 2.5 KHz
> I'd be very happy to do some testing but it may have to wait untill the
> weekend.
> I'll post the results here. Also, is there a built in command that will
> the repeater in CSQ mode and turn off CTCSS decode and encode? 
<-- Hi Mark;  I'm helping Doug, GM7SVK, with setting up his audio 
levels.  We need to set his node for a max deviation of 2.5kHz.  I 
wonder if you were able to finalize the calibration levels for rxvoice 
and txvoice?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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