[App_rpt-users] StarTech USB Fobs

Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) Ramesh at va3uv.com
Fri May 29 22:33:59 EDT 2009

Hi Folks;

This is a re-post of a problem that I've reported before - perhaps as 
time has passed, and more folks have experienced the fob modification, 
someone out there may have seen this....

I have modified a number of StarTech USB fobs (CM108 based), I have 
found that when the fobs have been modified, when you plug the fob into 
the PC (which is previously on), the PC seems to 'see' the fob as a 
stuck keyboard - I hear a cyclical beep from the PC speaker and some 
ascii characters on the screen [26] if I remember correctly.

I tried this on 2 different PC's - an IBM 8172 and a DELL Precision 
Workstation.  I powered down the IBM and re-booted it from cold with the 
fob attached - it seemed to power up fine and before long the LED on the 
new fob was flashing away - seems to be fine.

On the DELL, same thing when the machine was already on.  I shut the 
machine down, inserted the fob and restarted - no luck there, the 
machine continued to detect a stuck keyboard printing the ascii 26 
across the screen... I couldn't even login since the ascii char's kept 
on printing across the screen.

Back to the IBM - I connected my repeater to the fob and I have PTT out, 
audio out, when I issue a DTMF command, the DTMF char's print on the 
CLI, so obviously I have audio in and the fob senses a valid COS signal 
- all suggesting that the mod is OK.

As I mentioned earlier, I have seen this a number of times with the 
StarTech fobs - just wondering if anyone else has seen this and whether 
there is an easy solution to this (sure would be nice to have the fobs 
inter-changeable between machines).



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