[App_rpt-users] Unable to connect in to a 5 digit node

KD8B kd8b at thebades.net
Fri Nov 13 09:31:31 EST 2009

         Looking for a little help again...

I set up my new testing node on 27013. I get failed connects inbound 
but it does look like 27013 is registering correctly... outbound 
seems to work at least sometimes...
If I recall correctly ( from last night.. I was sleepy) 27013 
connects to 2235 but not to 2364, neither 2235 or 2364 can call in to 27013...

Is there anything we are going to need to fix in extensions.conf or 
such to provide for the mask change of 4 chars to 5 chars in node 
name??? or is this some firewall issue again??

Both nodes I am testing with are registered but

When connections come in that are not on port 4569... what do they 
come in on as a range??? maybe I need to forward those through my 
firewall?? I am using Untangle firewall and port forwarding from 
anything on the outside interface destined locally for port 4569 to 
pass through on 4569 to the inner specified host....

I am pretty sure you guys set up 2235 to only use 4569... this may 
have something to do with it..

In the big picture I Would rather fix the firewall to allow other 
ports through as needed than lock all to 4569.. but if that is what 
it takes ..ok :-)

Maybe packets arrive on one port and I am forcing them internally 
throug NAT to 4569 and this is messing something up????


ON a separate issue ( although it does include the same nodes as 
involved parties)

27013 is at a separate site from (2235 and 2364) .... both sites are 
behind a Similarly configured Untangle firewall...

I also have 2 machines on 1 computer 2235 and 2364 and I can connect 
from 2235 to 2364 but not  from 2364 to 2235... being both on 
localhost it would seem to be an internal problem but 
scanning the 4 conf files I cannot see what.... both have 
registrations in iax.conf, extensions.conf and in rpt.conf.. both 
work individually but I am missing this...

from extensions.conf
;exten => ${NODE},1,rpt,${NODE}
exten => 2235,1,Rpt,2235
exten => 2364,1,Rpt,2364

**************************** By the way.. are the "r" in rpt here 
case sensitive ??? I have seen listings both ways**************

exten => 2235,1,Rpt,2235|X
exten => 2364,1,Rpt,2364|X

from iax.conf
register=A2235:xxxxxx at register.allstarlink.org
register=A2364:xxxxxx at register.allstarlink.org

; Incoming radio connections


from rpt.conf

; Note, if you are using automatic update for allstar link nodes,
; no allstar link nodes should be defined here. Only place a definition
; for your locak nodes, and private (off of allstar link) nodes here.

2235 = radio at,NONE        ; This must be changed to 
your node number
2364 = radio at,NONE

; Memories for remote bases

and I have this in line after both node stanza's so it is duplicated twice..


statpost_url=http://stats.allstarlink.org/uhandler.php ; Status updates

Any help?????


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