[App_rpt-users] Port 4569 questions

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Sun Nov 15 22:04:32 EST 2009

I have been testing more and found some strange firewall questions and 
or behavior...

I think it can be traced to connects arriving on other ports besides 
4569. It seems I can connect from my 27013 to 2235  but not to 2364 
which is in the same box  as 2235.. I can connect from 2235 to 2364 and 
from 2364 to 2237.  So sounds like an internet routing issue.. I think 
Steve or some one set 2235 for 4569 only in the database which might 
explain why it is working ok..

I would like to fix the firewalls in question so thinking it is a port 
forward issue.. what else can a IAX stream arrive on besides 4569 ???

I sent my configs in the email Friday... it appears in the archives.... 
if anyone wants to review. them. I do not think it is an app_rpt issue 
as much as a firewall issue...

I know I have asked a couple times, but I am reasking as I do not know 
which one may be getting through....

and help??


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