[App_rpt-users] The audio file upload feature on allstarlink.org

Stephen Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Sun Nov 15 22:58:12 EST 2009

I coded an addition to allstarlink.org which allows custom connect messages to be uploaded, stored, and eventually
re-distributed to all Allstar modes. I need help from a few node operators to upload a .wav file to test the upload

To upload a .wav file, first record your connect message in .wav format sampled at a multiple of 8KHz. (e.g. 48 KHz).
The file size should be less than 2 megabytes. You connect message should be short and be something like "WA6ZZZ
Repeater, Los Angeles California"

Once the .wav file is recorded, you can upload it by logging in to allstarlink.org with your node number and password.
There will be a button to to upload the audio file once you are logged in. The button will present a form which you can
use to upload the audio file. Use the form and upload your audio file.

I would like to know if anyone gets any errors when uploading the .wav file. Pleas make a valid recording for your node
so that it can be used when the distribution part is implemented.


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