[App_rpt-users] First experience with ACID app_rpt &usbradio audio popping problem.

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Mon Nov 16 12:39:14 EST 2009


This sounds like it may be the same thing I was reporting, but I still 
haven't found a way to get a recording of it.

Steve Gladden wrote:
> Hi David.. it's not a terribly loud popping it's right with the normal 
> audio
> levels
> It really sounds like 'holes' in the processing small abrupt dropouts of 
> the
> stream..
> Very random in timing maybe 5-15 hits per minute when I key the radio with
> PL..
> Seems to more frequently happen on/around the CWID but still is happening
> very randomly.
> CPU utilization is ~10% while radio keyed producing PL and CWID..
> Have radio continuously keyed (no actual radio) and CDID beacon going 
> every
> minute.
> 5-15 'dropouts' per minute.

This seems to describe what I see, but I don't classify it as a pop, but the 
PL is interrupted and the mobile RX briefly mutes.

Take care


George J Csahanin
Cedar Park, TX 

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