[App_rpt-users] ACID install issue anyone seen this before? anyone know the centos default root password?

Steve Gladden steve at michiganbroadband.com
Fri Nov 20 00:07:22 EST 2009

Anyone seen this before? anyone know the Centos default root password?

>Meanwhile I'm going to try this on a 3Ghz all Intel much faster and see 
>if the radio drop outs are indeed gone or if they're all still there
>and if in the same way or different...

Or not... just tried installing ACID on two different *new* systems..
On both systems it goes and does everything updates & all..
I think it even compiles asterisk.. or sor sure at least starts into that process..

There's some sort of 'error right before it goes to the login screen but goes by in less than 1/2 second..
Hitting shit+pageup shows some scrollback but not the error..

Whie instlling ACID It goes straight to a login screen right after install and never EVER prompts for anything at all..
Anyone know the default root password on ACID if the install is doing this?

Strange this happened a few days ago on one of the slower test systems...
My only choice was to reboot and start all over again..
and it worked the 2nd time..

Just tried 4 times here and each time it seems to do everything including all of the updates (centos)..
then just goes to a login prompt.. (I'm positive it's re formatting the hard drive during the install.
I've also tried other install media..

rebooting just comes back to login again.. it somehow installed having not prompted for anything and it set a root password.

Tried two computers total of 5 times this evening same result.
It's almost as if some web resource is down and the install is bailing and doing some other default action along with setting up
a password for root on it's own.

everything seems to install and just goes to a login prompt never having asked for anything like it normally does
where it asks for your node number/pass and callsign.

Centos's LiveCD root password 12qwaszx does not work.


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