[App_rpt-users] node passing pl tones

Jon Rorke jrorke at cogeco.ca
Thu Nov 26 13:33:36 EST 2009

Hi All, a friend of mine is trying to set up a couple of simplex nodes 
based on the latest acid install.
He has the 2 nodes up and running. They are connected together on a 
local LAN.When a signal is transmitted to the one node, it seems to be 
passed down the line to the remote node.

Normally I thought that App_rpt would filter the audio path between 300- 
3khZ. But in this case the pl tone is being passed to the remote node.

I believe he has the correct settings for the URIs for each radio. Rx 
audio is set to flat since it is fed by discriminator audio and squelch 
is set to carrier from usbinvert.
Ctcss from is set to no and the pl tones are commented out.

The tx settings are txprelim is set to yes as the tx audio is connected 
to the modulator and not the mic input.
TXtoctype= notone and TXmixa = voice.

This should not send any tone out the local transmitter.

If he keys up the other end with carrier Sq and no pl on transmit on his 
handie, then no pl tone gets sent.

If he does key up with a pl tone it seems to be sent to the remote 

Anybody have any ideas?

None of my nodes do this.



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