[App_rpt-users] Toggle CTCSS Decode for repeater access or carrier only on/off

Stephen Rodgers sales at qrvc.com
Sat Nov 28 20:45:22 EST 2009

Steve Gladden wrote:
> I've not figured how to turn on/off CTCSS repeater access or carrier
> only repeater access via DTMF command.
> Is this possible or supported?
> I ca do it by reconfiguring usbradio and restarting asterisk/zaptel but
> I've not figured out how to do it via DTMF.
> I'd like to be able to 'open up' the repeater for carrier access during
> events, special occasions and nets via DTMF command schedules etc.
> Thanks!
> Steve
This is not supported, but has been requested. See mantis.qrvc.com for details.


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