[App_rpt-users] Toggle CTCSS Decode for repeater access or carrier only on/off

Steve Gladden steve at michiganbroadband.com
Sun Nov 29 07:01:27 EST 2009

Stephen Rodgers wrote:
> Steve Gladden wrote:
>> Using USBRADIO>
>> I've not figured how to turn on/off CTCSS repeater access or carrier
>> only repeater access via DTMF command.
>> Is this possible or supported?
>> I ca do it by reconfiguring usbradio and restarting asterisk/zaptel but
>> I've not figured out how to do it via DTMF.
>> I'd like to be able to 'open up' the repeater for carrier access during
>> events, special occasions and nets via DTMF command schedules etc.
>> Thanks!
>> Steve
> This is not supported, but has been requested. See mantis.qrvc.com for details.
> Steve
Very well... I'll take a look and also add my name to the 'need this' 
wish list on that feature.

Is there currently support (via DTMF command) to execute a shell script, 
or anything of that nature?
I could make a work around by running a shell script via DTMF and 
switching config files/restarting asterisk/zap
If this type of command is supported..
I'll certainly add that to the wish list (execute external (Linux) shell 
script) if it's does not exist today.

As an even further fetched work around I could access AGI and run a 
script via autopatch to an internal (asterisk) extension that calls the 
AGI *asterisk gateway interface* script (I think).
This should be a reasonable work-around to give me remote DTMF control 
of switching between the RX PL or carrier access as is needed
+ give me a way to run Linux progs/scripts by control of DTMF commands 
for future needs such as turning on/off output pins on the parallel port 
for example.



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