[App_rpt-users] Default *2<node#> MONITOR mode is not just monitor to far end.

RED BUTTON MOBILE jrorke at cogeco.ca
Sun Nov 29 08:37:15 EST 2009

Hi all. I can provide a little more info on this as it was one of our 
nodes that was the "foreign node".
Ok I believe he connected to node 2357 which is currently running 0.192 
App_Rpt. I do believe it does send the newkey commands. Dont know it 
this classifies as a "really old node"or not.

Anyway we were receiving a repeater tail from his node after every 
transmission at our end.
Since he connected in rx mode we did not get any announcement that he 

Steve ZFT:  Is there an easy way to upgrade these nodes without having 
to go to the sites?

A while back I tried the astupdate thing and it told me the version was 
too old and I had to do a reinstall.
This would mean a trip to the sites some of which are a few hours of 

I would like to be up to date to be in sync with everyone.


Stephen Rodgers wrote:
> Steve Gladden wrote:
>> Have a node setup (repeater) with usbradio..
>> Using mostly default setup.
>> at the moment I have rx /repeater setup for carrier access (no ctcss)
>> Been testing this and the far end nodes report that they get get 
>> repeater tones & hang time from me if I try to just 'monitor' them using 
>> the *2
>> monitor functionality..
>> *3 works as expected but when I try to use *2 I'm getting those 
>> unexpected results and the far end is experiencing some grief/confusion.
>> Am I misunderstanding how this should work?
>> Or are there any common gotchyas where you'd think you're just 
>> monitoring but it's doing more than that?
>> Sorry this is a bit vague.. I probably need to bring up another note and 
>> test this and report step by step what's happening.
>> Thanks
>> Steve
> Versions of app_rpt.c which are older than version 0.199 might be sending telemetry to foreign nodes under some
> conditions, especially if the foreign node is running a really old version of app_rpt.c which does not use the
> new keying scheme.
> You should check what version of app_rpt.c you are running and see if the foriegn node is running a really old
> version of app_rpt.c
> Steve
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