[App_rpt-users] Default *2<node#> MONITOR mode is not just monitor to far end.

Stephen Rodgers sales at qrvc.com
Sun Nov 29 14:00:49 EST 2009

> Hi all. I can provide a little more info on this as it was one of our
> nodes that was the "foreign node".
> Ok I believe he connected to node 2357 which is currently running 0.192
> App_Rpt. I do believe it does send the newkey commands. Dont know it
> this classifies as a "really old node"or not.
> Anyway we were receiving a repeater tail from his node after every
> transmission at our end.
> Since he connected in rx mode we did not get any announcement that he
> connected.
> Steve ZFT:  Is there an easy way to upgrade these nodes without having
> to go to the sites?
> A while back I tried the astupdate thing and it told me the version was
> too old and I had to do a reinstall.
> This would mean a trip to the sites some of which are a few hours of
> driving.
> I would like to be up to date to be in sync with everyone.
> Jon VA3RQ
> Stephen Rodgers wrote:
>> Steve Gladden wrote:
>>> Have a node setup (repeater) with usbradio..
>>> Using mostly default setup.
>>> at the moment I have rx /repeater setup for carrier access (no ctcss)
>>> Been testing this and the far end nodes report that they get get
>>> repeater tones & hang time from me if I try to just 'monitor' them
>>> using the *2
>>> monitor functionality..
>>> *3 works as expected but when I try to use *2 I'm getting those
>>> unexpected results and the far end is experiencing some grief/confusion.
>>> Am I misunderstanding how this should work?
>>> Or are there any common gotchyas where you'd think you're just
>>> monitoring but it's doing more than that?
>>> Sorry this is a bit vague.. I probably need to bring up another note
>>> and test this and report step by step what's happening.
>>> Thanks
>>> Steve
>> Versions of app_rpt.c which are older than version 0.199 might be
>> sending telemetry to foreign nodes under some
>> conditions, especially if the foreign node is running a really old
>> version of app_rpt.c which does not use the
>> new keying scheme.
>> You should check what version of app_rpt.c you are running and see if
>> the foriegn node is running a really old
>> version of app_rpt.c
>> Steve
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You can download and compile app_rpt.c to manually update it, if you feel comfortable with this approach.
This may or may not work depending on how old the code is on your system.

Additionally you may check out a fresh source tree and compile and install the whole enchilada.
This may be the approach which is prudent.

The manual instructions for both methods are located here:


NB: This is considered an advanced level procedure. Read the instructions carefully! Assume that you will be on your own
if you want to pursue this.

PS: The automated update really hasn't been as powerful as I would have hoped.


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