[App_rpt-users] kickstart file to install app_rpt on a XEN VM?

Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) Ramesh at va3uv.com
Mon Nov 30 23:09:07 EST 2009

Stephen Rodgers wrote:
> VM distros have heavily modified kernels, and possibly modified userspace utilities as well. (At least the ones I've
> played with). I use VM machines for some of the allstar and qrvc.com websites, so this is what I have discovered using a
> XEN-based version of Centos.
> Our install scripts (phase1.sh and phase2.sh) along with the sub-scripts expect yum to work correctly and yum is most
> likely disabled or crippled on VM distros to prevent someone from upgrading the kernel and other programs and thereby
> killing the VM instance.
> Supporting VM distros is a project in and of itself, and there is no automated script-based support available yet.
> VM-based distros currently do not all do things in a standard way. Everyone has their own modified distro, and until
> standardized versions become available, it does not make sense to proceed down with an automated install.
> People have installed app_rpt/asterisk on VM based system, but the process is manual. Maybe someone will chime in
> on their success story.
<-- Hi Steve;  All good points and duly noted.... I am experimenting on 
   a test box, so not afraid of breaking anything (on this one!).  I 
tried to install the VM using the ACID CD, but XEN does not allow me to 
select the CD as the installation point (it's grayed out)...

I'll stop for this evening and wait for someone that has 'been there 
done that' to chime in.



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