[App_rpt-users] Node Registration Failure

David Osborn david.osborn at manx.net
Fri Oct 16 03:27:50 EDT 2009



One of my nodes (2482) sits behind an ADSL connection with a dynamic IP
address (changes any time the router is re-started etc).


For a while, all was well, and it appeared on the status pages on the


Following a few network upsets (i.e. renewed IP addresses)- but no
configuration changes - the node no longer appears in the list.


I modified the "statpost_program" line in rpt.conf to direct output to a
file, rather than /dev/null. The resulting file contains this one-liner:


Error! Not Authorized from IP


The IP given is the correct public IP that my ADSL router currently has
assigned to it. As far as I can tell, the "register" entry in iax.conf is
correct - I certainly never changed it after it was initially working.


Any Ideas??




David Osborn - GD4HOZ

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