[App_rpt-users] Greetings and looking for app_rpt getting started information

Steve Gladden steve at michiganbroadband.com
Sat Oct 17 13:36:14 EDT 2009

Hello my name is Steve and I am in Ann Arbor Michigan (USA)
Thanks for providing this list and a nice website with useful information
regarding allstar & app_rpt.

I am looking for some basic getting started information that I have been
unable to find from casually searching the web and websites that I know

I'd really like to get started with app_rpt and a usb dongle (of which I
have a box full with the proper cmedia chip.

I am an asterisk/Linux/kernel veteran and am very comfortable configuring
and building these types of systems.

The specific getting started questions that I have but have been unable to
find in any FAQ or FAQ lookalike are:

1. What are the app_rpt specific dependencies?
   a. does it need zaptel/dahdi/libpri? and which ones?
   b. does it work in asteirsk 1.6 latest stable?
   c. does it work directly to the usb dongle or does the
      usb dongle need some sort of driver of it's own..
      be it oss/alsa or the like?

2. I am trying to build asterisk 1.6.1 using make menuconfig
   and under apps --> app_rpt I only get [XXX]
   it's unavailable and I can't build for it.
   apparently I'm missing some dependency but have no clue which as
   there seems to be no documented dependency list I could find..
   Asterisk builds and works jut fine without app_rpt.

I'd also like to register for an ID number on the allstar network..
If that is done via this mailing list (I still have to read more on that)
Please sign me up.

Steve Gladden --> callsign N8LBV


Michigan Broadband Systems Inc.
"Always Connected"


Steve's cellphone: (734)904-1811

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