[App_rpt-users] Reverse Patch VOX vs *98/#

Stephen Rodgers sales at qrvc.com
Sun Oct 18 12:51:55 EDT 2009

app_rpt at alertradio.net wrote:
> Finally did the update to the KC0SOK Asterisk RF Gateway today and ran 
> into a problem with the reverse patch.  
> It works fine calling out to the node, but when I try to initiate a call 
> to PSTN or IP Phone the audio is muted until *98 is entered.   Is there 
> some added steps in the 0.203 package that needs to be done in order to 
> have Pv work?   The previous version that I was using worked fine with 
> VOX on the reverse patch (0.152)
> Mars, N0PCO
> ALERTradio ERC
> www.alertradio.net.
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Hi Mars,


There must be something else causing this problem. I just tested it om
my Limey linux system on node 2010 with app_rpt.c version 0.207 and it
works as advertised.

You are running a really old version of app_rpt.c.
Did you upgrade the whole asterisk source package or just app_rpt.c?
If just app_rpt.c was upgraded, try upgrading all of the sources.


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