[App_rpt-users] iaxrpt port?

Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) Ramesh at va3uv.com
Mon Oct 19 18:50:46 EDT 2009

Scott Weis wrote:
> Problem solved.
> It would be on the host line in this format.  hostname.fqdn(or IP):port ex: 
> google.com:4568 or
<-- Hi Scott;  Just wondering whether the port # on the Asterisk / 
app_rpt node can be changed as well...... I support a few private nodes 
at different sites, but all on the same Intranet.  Accessing them 
internally is fine, I can link them up by across the internal network by 
using their internal IP address.

Now I'm wondering whether I can change the port # used on each of the 
boxes, so that they can be accessed from the Internet by using iaxRpt 
and mapping unique port numbers for each node?



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