[App_rpt-users] chan_echolink updating?

James Nessen nessenj at jimsoffice.org
Wed Oct 21 15:17:05 EDT 2009

Anyone else seeing this:

[Oct 21 12:14:19] NOTICE[1479]: chan_echolink.c:1770 sendcmd: Received  
OK from Echolink server server1.echolink.org
[Oct 21 12:14:20] WARNING[1479]: db.c:168 ast_db_put: Unable to put  
value 'IW0GVP-L' for key 'a/nodenum-call/457578' in family 'echolink'
[Oct 21 12:14:20] ERROR[1479]: chan_echolink.c:2074 do_el_directory:  
Error in putting nodenum-call record 457578 (call IW0GVP-L)

My database is empty and I am seeing this error over and over again.

Here are the contents of my database:

/dundi/secret                                     :  
/dundi/secretexpiry                               : 1256156040
/echomink/a/caml/9A1CCB-R                         : 20879?:78>1.178.125
/ecioliok/a/call/9A1CMG-L                         : 414246:252.92>3;4.94

Running ACID.

chan_echolink.c - Version 0.21
app_rpt.c - version 0.203


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