[App_rpt-users] irlp_chan users please note...

Randy Hammock rhammock.hur at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 19:32:23 EDT 2009

Please note, Dave Cameron VE7LTD is preparing to purge the IRLP node
PGP key list of nodes that have not recently reported to the IRLP IP
server. He is making an adjustment to his procedure to see which node
are also reporting to the status servers.

To make sure your irlp_chan node remains on the PGP key list first you
must become the user: repeater. Then run the following command:

rm -f $LOCAL/last_ip_address

Then you should run:


Under normal IRLP operation a file update downloads a "temporary"
version of ipupdate which has the previous command to delete the
$LOCAL/last_ip_address file which will force the ipupdate script to
contact the IRLP IP server.

You can check if your node is on the HAS NOT REPORTED LIST by going to
the following URL:


If your node is on the list, then above procedure should get you off the list.

Randy Hammock KC6HUR
IRLP 4494 / ALLSTAR 2035

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