[App_rpt-users] Green is good

Stephen Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Wed Oct 28 00:16:13 EDT 2009

I added a feature to the node list command on allstarlink.org. If your node number has a green background, it means that
the register statement in iax.conf is registering properly with register.allstarlink.org, and that you can most likely
connect to other nodes and accept connections from other nodes without a problem.  If it is a grey background it means
you are not registering, and you should resolve it by putting the something like this in your iax.conf file:

register=Anode:password at register.allstarlink.org


node is your assigned Allstar link node number.

password is your assigned Allstar Link access password.

For example, node 1234 which has a password of 12345678 would put the following line in [general] section

register=A1234:12345678 at register.allstarlink.org.

Note: You will need to issue an iax2 reload command from the Asterisk Command line, or restart Asterisk after you save

Please note that registering is a very different mechanism than posting status using the statpost in rpt.conf.
Registering is what enables your node to connect to other nodes, and enables your node to validate an incoming connection.

If you are set up for a static IP (very early Allstarlink users only), then you should start registering anyway as we
want to get everybody to be using registration. If you have a static IP registration on allstarlink.org, once you start
registering, please let either Jim or I know so that we can convert your node to the register method.


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