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Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
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Its mainly designed for the 'node on the go'. For example, I have a node (simplex) in my van
and it has a GPS receiver that uses app_gps to report its whereabouts through APRS 
(using APRS-IS), and in addition makes the location (including elevation) available so that
other parts of the system can have access to the information, if desired. Currently, the only
thing that takes advantage of that is a status function (4, i believe) that speaks the lat,long
and elevation on the air when queried. In the future, my intention was to maybe include this
data in the node status reporting, so that when you get  list of systems it will show its exact
location, and maybe also tie it in with the status information passed along with things like
the Echolink connection, etc. Im sure that other people will think of way more creative
things to do with it.


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Subject: [App_rpt-users] app_gps

app_gps..... I've noticed this in the latest SVN commit, what is it's planned usage exactly? I browsed through the source and sample config file and on the surface it appears APRS related? 

Jim/Steve can you expand on this? Just curious :)

tnx and 73
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