[App_rpt-users] Interfacing AllStar node to existing system over LAN

Tony Langdon, VK3JED vk3jed at vkradio.com
Sun Apr 11 19:52:49 EDT 2010

At 09:39 AM 4/12/2010, Stephen Rodgers wrote:

>1. There are optional scripts which can be called on connect and 
>disconnect events take a look in app_rpt.c

Thanks, I'll take a look.  I'm no C programmer, but I have a good 
chance of identifying the calls.

>2. Yes, using "asterisk -rx rpt fun node ...." and the appropriate 
>COP mapping to prohibit incoming connections.

OK, this I will need some more help/documentation on. :)  In any 
case, it looks like the cross system lockouts are possible, so we 
could make Asterisk compliant with IRLP guidelines, with a bit of work.

>3. chan_irlp and chan_echolink are made to interact with the 
>appropriate protocols. Modifying chan_rtpdir to make a
>transparent driver ala chan_thelinkbox is  probably the best way to 
>so move forward, but I'm no expert with channel
>drivers, that's a question/request for Jim, WB6NIL.

Well, thelinkbox still supports chan_rtpdir (v 0.5, I think), so 
hopefully Jim will consider working with Skip on updating chan_rtpdir 
support to the new "chan_tlb".  Needless to say, I'm putting my hand 
up to beta test it! :)  You've confirmed my suspicion that full 
protocol support is required for the IRLP and Echolink channel 
drivers to work, and that resurrecting chan_rtpdir is the way to go 
for point to point links between thelinkbox and app_rpt.

The rest is just hacking with the pieces provided, which I'm no 
stranger to. :)

Anyway, thanks for your help Steve, you've given me a lot to work 
with.  Hopefully Jim will pick up on this thread as well. :)

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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