[App_rpt-users] New releases of Limey Linux and ACID

Stephen Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Tue Apr 20 00:19:13 EDT 2010

New Software!

ACID Version 0.11 : (http://dl.allstarlink.org)

Centos 5.4 based auto install of an Asterisk/app_rpt system,

Limey Linux 1.0.9 : (http://limeylinux.org)

Custom CF version of Linux for diskless installs

Both above releases contain app_rpt.c version 0.235.


Significant changes included in app_rpt.c version 0.235:

Added 'exten' parameter to autopatchup function to allow dialtone-less access to contexts in extensions.conf.

Fixed 'telemetry' and 'morse' to allow for specification of
category name in rpt.conf file

Added dtmfkey/MDC-1200 keying support
and associated facilities

Added MDC1200 encoding and decoding.

Fixed duplex problem with vox operated control op phone access

Added support for 12.5/6.25 KHZ channels in the remote base
and changed default frequency to 145.000 so our friends in Europe won't accidentally
transmit outside their band

Added support for non-USA-standard repeater offsets

Fixed broken tm-d700 support

Add vox patch mode which works regardless of duplex setting.
Add support for Yaesu FT-100 remote base

Fixed choppy audio archive recording problem

Add support for app_gps.c

Added support for Kenwood TM-D700A as a remote

Steve WA6ZFT

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