[App_rpt-users] Web Transceiver Telemetry

Dale Weber n7pkt at picklejar.org
Wed Dec 1 21:52:10 EST 2010

On Wednesday, December 01, 2010 08:04:40 am Greg Thornwall wrote:
> I wanted to turn off announcements for the web transceiver I setup my
> rpt.conf file as follows:
> telemetry=telemetry
> ...
> [telemetry]
> eannmode=0          ; echolink telemetry
> guilinkdefault=0    ; gui telemetry
> telemdefault=0      ; local telemetry
> phonelinkdefault=0  ; phone telemetry

	The problem with turning off local telemetry, is it turns off ALL 
announcements. I'd just like to turn off connection messages for all nodes 
except my own node. I want to hear other local telemetry announcements.

	Right now, I have everything turned on becacause when I am connected to a 
busy node, the connect/disconnect messages overpower any QSO in progress. But, 
that also leaves me without *80 and other local announcements I need to hear. 
:( :(

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