[App_rpt-users] good stuff!

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Mon Dec 6 18:54:24 EST 2010

Hey, all. I had my gear off for many months, and just decided to get it all 
going again, downloaded latest sources, compiled, at app_rpt 0.273 now

I'm impressed. Config access from the web site is interesting, though can't 
seem to make web transceiver work (yet)

I have a few questions I'll post separately. But for now just wanted to say 
"good job"!!

(IRPL can go hide their heads)

My 2428 remote isn't really there...well, the USB fob is, but that's all.

I need to re-do all my custom commands, but clearly separating thyat stuff 
in the rpt.conf file makes it easier to keep neat.

Cedar Park, TX
Nodes 2360 and 2428(remote base)

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