[App_rpt-users] one-way key-up delay

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Fri Dec 10 09:37:17 EST 2010

My system has 3 PCs, two of them have "private" nodes (node number <2000 not
registering with the Allstar address server).
These private nodes are half-duplex or simplex links (duplex=1 in rpt.conf)
- they are connected to transceivers (and use DSP squelch/ctcss just like
the main node). Everything is connected together by gigabit Ethernet behind
a common router.

When I key up the "public" node, the other linked nodes start transmitting
in a fraction of a second. But, when I transmit into one of the "private"
nodes, from a cold start, it takes 3+ seconds before the main node starts
transmitting. Other than the very first fraction of a second, no audio is
lost - it is just delayed. Once things are going, the time delay largely
disappears (i.e., private nodes are now keying up during the hang-time of
the public node).  

What is causing the long startup time? I can key up, say my callsign and go
back to receive, before the public node has even started to transmit.

At the moment, the nodes are running versions 267 and 266.  Each of the
[nodes] stanzas include the local IP addresses of the "other" nodes in
addition to its own. If it makes any difference - the connections were made
*from* the public node *to* the private node.


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