[App_rpt-users] Female voice announce levels

Steve Passmore k6kya at hokeynet.net
Fri Dec 10 15:07:56 EST 2010

I've used these voices on a few nodes

Of course the app_rpt specific announcements aren't there but the 
standard ones, numbers, etc. are faster.


On 12/10/2010 11:07, Ken wrote:
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>> If you read the instructions on the support pages for creating custom voice
> announcements with the Audacity program, you'll see>that you are instructed
> to set the final level of the voice file to -6 db before saving it. I assume
> that this is based on 5Khz>deviation radios.
>   = = = =
> This is not right - if you set up for 2.5 kHz deviation, then the loudest
> sounds will be 2.5 kHz deviation no matter what (assuming you have selected
> the "limit" option in the config file). As someone else pointed out, that
> means running the test tone so it gives 1.5 kHz deviation in RADIO TUNE
> TXVOICE (giving you 2.5 kHz at full blast).
> The -6dB guideline is just to allow some "headroom".  If you have two
> sources with 0.5 (relative voltage) level, the waveform at times will add up
> to just 1.0 voltage level and you will stay clear of the limiter.  If you
> have more signals, or higher levels, then you will start hitting the output
> limiter and things will sound compressed. Without the limiter you will get
> nasty distortion.
> Another factor (noted in the instructions) is that if you are using
> composite audio, the levels for tone and voice must not exceed 1000 in total
> - or you will get distorted audio, even *with* the limiter enabled.
> Having said that, the pre-recorded sounds are actually hotter than this
> guideline. "connected.gsm", for example, hits -3 dB in Audacity as do
> "version.gsm" and others.
> The recordings are loud and slow so that you will understand them. But many
> people would prefer quiet fast ones most of the time.  If some person were
> to record and post an alternative library of the letters, numbers and a few
> choice words, that would be a useful resource to the user community.
> Ken
> KE2N
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