[App_rpt-users] Anyone have Event Management Subsystem examples?

Tony KT9AC kt9ac at ameritech.net
Sat Dec 11 21:14:34 EST 2010

I want to customize Allstar using the Event Management Subsystem and 
internal variables. Does anyone have examples of what they've done?

I'm looking to:
1) Setup a separate local PL / link PL scheme by using the GPIO inputs 
for seperate decoder logic. Only the Link PL logic would key the remote 
base (I'm using the OEM boards for decode).
2) Currently link audio and local repeater audio mix when received at 
the same time. This is by design I understand, but I want to mute the 
incoming remote audio when the local system is active (to prevent 
interrupting on ongoing local conversation while keeping the link in 
monitor mode).

This scheme is commonly used in some large linked systems with discreet 
components, but I think it can be done easily in Allstar.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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